The Immortal life Henrietta Lacks: (Highlighted Notes from Book): For History of Medicine

1920-1942 Chapter 2: Clover: “The air inside stayed so cool that when relatives died, the family kept their corpses in the front hallway for days so people could visit and pay respects.” “Man you so much in love with a girl, you gonna die for her? That ain’t right.” “Their son Lawrence was born just after Henrietta’s fourteenth birthday; his sister Lucile Elsie Pleasant came along four years later. “

1999: Chapter 16: ‘Spending Eternity in the same place’: “This spending eternity in the same place,” he told me, laughing. “They must’ve worked out their problems by now!”

1980-1985: Chapter 26: Breach of Privacy

1984-1995: Chapter 27: The Secret of Immortality:”In 1984 a German virologist named Harald zur Hausen discovered a new strain of a sexually transmitted virus called Human Papilloma Virus 18 (HPV-18). “But when I asked if he remembered Henrietta, he laughed. “I could never forget that tumor,” he said, “because it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” “Scientists don’t like to think of HeLa cells as being little bits of Henrietta because it’s much easier to do science when you disassociate your materials from the people they come from.” Hayflick Limit

1996-199: Chapter 28: October 11, 1996: HeLa Cancer Control Symposium. “Gey just gave the cells away for free, she said, for the good of science.” “Cofied: Con-artist”

2000: Chapter 29: A Village of Henriettas: Christoph Lengaur: fluorescence in situ hybridization

2000-2001: Chapter 31: Hela, Goddess of Death: “Social Security people said everything was all in my head,” she told me. “They ended up sending me to about five psychiatrist and a much of doctors. They say I’m paranoia, I’m schizophrenia, I’m nervous. I got anxiety, depression, degenerating kneecaps, bursitis, bulged discs in my back, diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cholesterol.-Dale”

Franklin Salisbury Jr, president of the National Foundation for Cancer Research. 

2001: Chapter 33: The hospital for the Negro Insane: Paul Lurz


What I should have done was summarize each chapter in my own words, while highlighting important character names and documenting their place in the story. Instead I read while highlighting what I thought was interesting to me personally. Which I now realize is highly annoying and in no way effective in achieving the information needed to be known for the exam in which I am studying. 

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot,Copywright 2010,2011, United States, Broadway Paperbacks.  


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