Western Imagination 10/31/14

Darkness —- Enlightenment


  • Including Science
  • Including Natural Philosophy
  • Political Philosophy

PH.D. – Doctor of Philosophy because philosophy –basically- used to include all that. & Rationally investigating these different areas.

Newton – Law of Universal gravitation. Law of Supply & Demand – Adam Smith “Wealth of Nations” 1776

Alternative Title for Enlightenment “Age of Reason”

By using the scientific method & applying their reason other scientists can discover other universal laws. Just …. like … Newton’s gravitation.

God is the divine clockmaker. Built gravity in the design. Then he flipped the switch. And THAT’S what turned gravity on.

Group of philosophers from Enlightenment age: Philosophes.

And Locke – Epistemology, knowledge innate ideas. born in you. Locke rejects innate ideas, replacing it with the concept which he termed. TABULA RASA: BLANK SLATE.

Sense experience. Experience written on slate. Build up knowledge. etc. etc. Build image of beauty. Innate ideas (hereditary. vs. Tabula Rasa (is your personality a product of your environment. Where we get – nature vs. nurture.

Locke Essay Concerning Human Understanding

Put this & Newton together – you basically get the enlightenment. We can now start by writing the RIGHT THINGS. on your children’s slates. YAY. Education. YAY. Make universal laws harmonious to institutions. Things will only get better.  Progress. Was a historical development. Not a law.

20 year old American college student convictions. i.e i.e. i.e. i.e.


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