Philo 203 Notes 9/18/14″ Agree with aspects, disagree about the mechanics”

Things that people disagree about: Abortion, euthanasia, gun control, climate change, evolution, what caused WWI, what caused climate change, whether God exists, whether minimum wage depresses the economy, what truth is, capital punishment, welfare, gay marriage.

People can’t seem to agree about anything.

Whether there is a substance.

Whether forces exists.

Is it drugs.

Even very basic concepts, or what caused a historical event – they can’t agree on. We have to start over. A solid foundation. We have to determine what the solid foundation is. Habits of our mind keep bringing us back to the way we used to think.

What is going to be the foundation of this new philosophy. this new structure.

We won’t have these questions. There would be some certainty.

The absolute certain thing for Descartes is the self. “The I that thinks” And the existence of God.

(Method/Strategy) Send it off so people can raise objection. Descartes is going to rebuild our structure of belief

…after destroying our knowledge of the world… Tragically, he could be left with nothing but one or two beliefs.

Descartes is using method of doubt.



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