1534 Act of Supremacy Translation

  • “Pope Clement VII then excommunicated Henry, which only fueled dissent. Parliament passed a series of acts restraining the clergy and increasing Henry’s power over them. In 1534 came the Act of Supremacy, declaring Henry to be “the only supreme head on earth of the Church of England.” England now had a national church, with the king at the helm. The Archbishop of Canterbury held the highest clergy office in the realm.”


  • “(in Britain) an Act of Parliament in 1534 that made King Henry VIII the head of the Church of England. This left the Pope with no power in England.”


Although the King’s Magesty deserves to be the highest in office of the Church of English, and everyone of ordained religious duties of the Kingdom know from assemblies….yet nevertheless….the evidence that confirms the statement above… to grow in grow in moral standards within Christianity (Christ’s Religion) in the Kingdom of England and to annihilate all mistakes… and disagreeing opinions… and other bad things used in the same way… we should make a law by whoever is in charge over government that the kind and all his people….hold…cover, believe as true…inlcuding rumors… only the guy with the highest power in the church of England. ‘Angelicana Ecclesia’ and should enjoy adding and bringing together the empire of England and everything else that goes along with it. And that whoever is King will have every power he ever wanted and all his wishes granted and all of his dreams will come true. Same goes for all of his family too. He can do any and every thing he wants as long as it pleases God and up the moral goodness of Christianity. And contributes to the peace of England. And he can do whatever he needs to, never mind this act.



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