Western Imagintation 9/17/14: this is nice. THIS Works.

Parenthetic Notes (author, page#)

Nice to Know Fact: Cicero & Machiavelli written 1500 years apart

Both can be assigned to the same genre. Political Treatise. Advice.

This is how you should act if you a leader, this is how you should be, what you should do, abilities you should have. Both have similar audiences: Someone in politics.

Cicero was begging of a tradition of these types of political treatise.

Circero- Humanist, classical, ancient roman work.


mirror for princes. He should feel, like he is looking into a mirror. All mirrors for princes written after Cicero’s time were modeled after …what he said. Cicero is about love. Machiavelli is about what’s useful. (which is going to do more.) It always comes back to, which one is going to work better. This is nice. But this works.

Cicero: Be benevolent, have integrity, be trustworthy.

Machiavelli: SEEM benevolent, integrity, trusting- but be the opposite if necessary. “The appearance of morality is ver useful.”



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