Western Imagination 9/24/14: Indulgence Sales

Machiavelli  -  Medici - Medici Pope - St. Peter's - Indulgences


sale of indulgences was a way of making money. Got to help finance St. Peter’s. Strenuously objected to by Martin Luther. Wrote up his objection, 95 of them. to these indulgences. (95 Thesis). Luther was a University professor (theology) in Wittenburg. Humanist. Object to Scholasticism. Basically the shoal’s method/curriculum/approach to text.

Martin Luther as 16th C. Reformer.

Lectura- reading (class structure) Manuscript pages – Luther did that. Once you had enough knowledge to know about the subject the other thing you do is disputation. Debate. For advanced students. Shows you have mastered….

(University origins- guild of scholars.)

Martin Luter had theological objection to the theology behind Indulgences. Enter hid debate. Enter Indulgences. His 95 thesis he “points” – start of reformation. Not meant to be. But Are. -As he nails it to the medical church doors.. uproar results.


Purgatory is distinct with being temporal. Hell is eternal. You check in. You don’t check out. Heaven also eternal. If you get an Indulgence however – you can get your time in purgatory reduced or even eliminated. (If your in Hell man SOL @ you there.)

Thing is- you have to buy it. With your precious precious sacred. Money.

Justification By Faith: Luther’s one and only way.

Johann Tetzel – Dominican – Order of Preachers

“As soon as the coin in the coffer rings the soul  from purgatory springs.”

Luther objected to the whole theology – all the teaching behind Indulgences. He though it was not by means of good work you were saved. The though faith. And faith alone, was means of salvation. Humans were so sinful that no amount of acts could make up for their sinful nature. Deep conviction God was merciful …

Conversion experience… God spoke to Luther and said, yeah dude ur totes right u can never do enough to earn my love b/c its already there silly dumb -ass you. God gives salvation for free with your faith. You are made just by your faith. Not by what you do. Its not about points you build up to get out of purgatory.

His aim was reform. So he says Church! Your teaching the wrong thing! You need to change it!

Church was like, fuck off Luther. We are right. And we want Money. LOL END OF STORY.

But not for Luther b/c this SOB was persistent.  And the reform turned into Reformation with a mother f-ing capital R.


  • How are we saved. Where is religious authority. What is the church.
  • Faith & Works, Scripture & Tradition, Clergy & Laity
  • Vs.. Faith alone, Scripture alone, No distinction between clergy & laity.

The Church Vs. Martin Luther.

Man, what a guy.



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