Western Imagination 9/22/14: Rafael’s School of Athens

Rafael’s School of Athens

Finishing exploration of Renaissance this week. School of Athens- Urbino (four context) to (public & communal context) Florence – Machiavelli – Medici – St. Peter’s Today. Martin Luther – Wed, bother of these, connect to Medici.

(Dropped out for a minute there.)

—- We dissect this picture. There is a dome. There are walls. There arches. The walls are solid. Its not just a hallway. Geometrical relationship between this & that. Internal right angle. External right angle. These lines represent those walls. Vault over there. There is floor. We don’t see what is above. Do we have to account for more space. Yes there are two sections that go out left and right. We don’t know what is there around the corner. Angle there. Angle there. Beginning of the wall, beginning of that wall. We conjecture. They are sort of like the others. Open to the sky. There wis sky there. We keep walking. There is a wall there. Well…this is pretty symmetrical August Rush, we conjecture. And there it is.

High Renaissance Architecture.

St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome.

Built by Constantine 326

Prototype for Christian Basilica thereafter.

In 1506 Pope Julius II decided to demolish Old St. Peter’s & build a new one, to glorify St. Peter, the papacy, and Rome. Julius chose Donato Bramante as the Architect. (he’s seen in details of Raphael’s school of Athens.)

Really Revolutionary.

At the Time

Oh St. Peter was the founder of the church…

Oh & the new Basilicas is going to be really different…. rectangular… have nave, aisles, apse.

Contrast to Bramante’s square with no aisle, no apse plan.

Another option for church design. (really who cares about church design……………………………) 350

Saint Costanza – another central plane (done) often used for tombs. Round like Costanze. Poly tonal like Sanlitale.

…..Sutff about inspiration and final choosing of the design……..  a coin….. a sketch…..

So they have the design, they demolish some of old St. Peter’s …. its clear it will take a very long time. (to rebuild). And it will be expensive. So how to pay for it…. Medici relations ….. (Indulgences.)

But then you know people start dying and all they leave are their leftover plans. So they had to bring other architects in to finish the job and these architects well they had their OWN vision. Raphael’s design didn’t make it. So Michelangelo, You’re up.

Time to finish the job. He did. Scrapped the old idea. Made it more like original, much simpler, less cluttered, sort of cut corners–version- square-like. Back to central plan. Retained Bramante’s piers. Worked  on building until his death in 1564 at the age of 89.

So it had to be COMPLETED completed by Giacomo in 1590. Jeeze you guys, Bramante then no Bramante then Michelangelo, well Raphael was tossed out ages ago- but Michelangelo oh god, he’s mortal, so he dies and then Giacomo has to come in… and then there’s finally Carlo Maderno.

The final plan was by Carlo Maderno. He added shit to the design. A thing or two. Here or there. it was 1606. Nave. Apse. -He needed room for the congregation to sit. Changed it from greek to latin cross.

Maderno also completes FACADE.

And the FACADE, is the last step of all.



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