Philosophy 203: 9/11/14 Notes, Bacon Attacking Overuse of Syllogism

Francis Bacon 1561-1626 Period of Late Scholasticism

Syllogisms- hold this provision and recognize this principle could be wrong. That’s why we need a lot of evidence, a lot of contribution from other scientists. (us looking in on Bacon’s thoughts…)

All human beings  are mortal.

Socrates is a human being.

Socrates is mortal.

(This is sound. as long as the premises are true, the conclusion follows.)

*You know after 1000 years we’re pretty damn sure that humans are mortal. But there could be one person that isn’t. Circle back to “this is why we need a lot of evidence” sentence.

Here’s Another.

All mornings include breakfast from the farmer.

All breakfast fore takes a happy day.

All mornings foretakens a happy day.


is there a problem with it? (I’m not really smart enough to know. B.)The correct answer is, yes because Bacon thinks so. C.) It may not be what you think. D.) No. Its not structure.

Bacon is not attacking the structure. Attacking the overuse of syllogisms in scientific investigation. (WOW GOLDEN REMEMBER 4 EXAM.) (AGAIN.) Bacon is attacking the overdue of syllogisms in scientific investigation.

Basically, “If you put garbage into the system, you get garbage out.”

Bacon’s like, dudes, how’d the fuck we come up with this shit in the first place.

Basically, he thinks we should pay more attention to how we got the premise.

FYI Bacon is a modern philosopher. (yep)

Is this something bacon would say?

“You should hold on to this principle no matter what experience tells you.”

Because we make so many mistakes, wouldn’t be great to take a good look into the human mind and see how it works.

And we’re like, yeah, Bacon, we get it. We’ll take a step back and look at the way we view the world and maybe things will change.

1500 years later………

so anyway, (when we reflect on what we understand we anticipate general principles….I just need “less colloquial” ways to say this because case in point it’ll be on the exam. And Bacon was like …yo dude shit’s sick he gets it’ doesn’t ….cut it…)

Well it turns out- after they got together (who? idk scientists) the understanding of the mind has some dangerous tendencies. And all tendencies are made worse by the idols of the mind. (previous lesson.) I mean Bacon’s like, we could run syllogisms until we get some real bizarre ass metaphysical principles. So let’s get to the root of the problem. Smart guy.




this is not something Bacon would say ever. I hope you know that.

And so it goes on. Bacon’s all about- guys we need to reflect on the way our mind works….man… our understanding, you know?




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