Western Imagination 9/15/14 Machiavelli’s “The Prince”

Machiavelli – Rhetorical Analysis Approach

Machiavelli was working on Prince while exiled from Florence. (like house arrest, in sense he is not allowed in city.) As a result, he is unemployed. He spends his time managing his estate. He is a humanist so he knows ancient literature in & out. (so he goes out under a tree and reads for a while.) This is what a typical day is life in the life of an exiled Machiavelli. Then he takes care of economic activities he needs to do now, a.) because he has nothing better to do. b.) he has no job.  (what they are? Involved in managing the estate. ) Then he goes to the tavern & gossips. The in the evening he goes to his room & dressed for his previous job. (that royal robe & fancy shit man.) “I am not ashamed to sit with them, and probe them of their actions.” He has humanist skills, is interested in them, wants to study them – but it is not just passive consuming (reading)…that’s not all he does. Then he goes at builds on it.


Pet Peeve of Professor: Medici is MED…ici. Like in MED-school. whatever.


Machiavelli Continued (Down to the end of the reading)

States. Republics. Monarchs: New or Hereditary. Hereditary: (this isn’t particularly challenged- people are used to you & your family.) New: Completely New or Added. Added: Used to Freedom or Used to Princes.

  • Medici’s Situation: Monarch, New, Added, Used to Freedom. (Trickiest or the Trick.)

PS. This is scholastic treatise… political science sounding…. Machiavelli shows them he knows the whole situation, but works his way down to theirs (specifically). He says looks guys yours is tricky, so listen up.



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