She Has To Be…

In the Book of the Courtier, following ‘How To Be A Man’ there is, ‘How To Be A Lady,’ and this is the list that was written on the board so this is the list I am typing up for studying purposes on the exam. Just need to know it for another 2 weeks and then we can forget it all.

Corresponding Main Occupation for Lady

  • Entertaining
  • Good at ‘knowing audience’
  • Good at Conversing
  • Good as knowing ‘who’s who’
  • Good at knowing who she is talking to, what they should they be talking about (subjects), and when.
  • She must be, do, know, & know everything about what I man knows but not so she can do them but so she can talk about them.
  • She must keep a conversation going
  • She must be well eductated
  • She must be a mother, a wife, and a lady of the court. (the mother & wife part are assumed in with the role)

She is defined by her felinity in a way the man is not.



  • Prudent
  • Wife & Mother
  • Court Lady
  • Hostess (main function)
  • Conversation
  • Appearance (she should know what garments enhance her grace)
  • Music & Dance

When a first lady does not conform to that idea she is attacked.

For next time: Most italian Renaissance cities were like Urbino (were Courtiers takes place). Urbino was ruled by a Duke. The other people involved in government were people of the court. Courtiers.  Florence & Venice were two big exceptions – they were republics. No Dukes. No courts. They governed themselves.


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