Modern Literature: Studs Lonigan

Setting: Chicago (Suburbia)

Time: 1918-1920


  • Studs: Young white kid. Going to graduate middle school. Catholic educated.  Impacted by the peer pressure of being a tough guy. Studs Lonigan is a two sided man. He’s also romantic.
  • Father: Proud of his good family, proud that he’s a good father. Provided a good education for his kids. He’s done well compared to his siblings. He’s a family man, nostalgic, racist, anti-semetic. (strong in all these aspects.) These are his thoughts.
  • Guillhooly: Full of himself, lofty, spiritual. (underlying tone of speech: Make everyone feel good and ask for money.)
  • Weary: Tough, aggressive, unsophisticated.
  • Helen Borax: Acts in an uppity way (kissing games)
  • Lucy: Comes up with idea for kissing game. Kind of slightly repressed catholic girl. (harsh, guys?)
  • Frances: Stud’s sister, (in the night scene, he does the right thing by not encouraging his sister. then after “Catholic guilt comes down on him.”)
  • There  are more.. all other notes on a worksheet. Check binder.

Young Lonigan: p. 65-131

  • Studs beats up weary
  • Studs has good day with Lucy.
  • Studs gets made fun of.
  • Studs plays baseball with new kids (58th street gang.)
  • Studs bullies Denny.





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