How To Be A Lady: Book of Courtier Book 3

Western Imagination and Invention

Dr. Rupp


Sarah Myers

“How To Be A Lady”


  1. “She should pay heed to time and place and, insofar as her faulty allows, follow all those other ways that have been so fully discussed in regard to the courtier.” 209
  2. “There is no count…..who can ever can ever perform gallant deeps of chivalry unless inspired by the loving and delightful company of women, so any discussion of the courtier must be imperfect unless ladies take part in it.” 210
  3. “I hold that a women should in no way resemble a man as regards her ways, manners, words, gestures and bearing.” 211
  4. “So it is well for a woman to have a certain soft and delicate tenderness, with an air of feminine sweetness in her every movement.” 211
  5. “She must also be circumspect and at great pains to avoid giving an excuse for someone to speak ill of her; she should not only be beyond reproach but also beyond even suspicion, for a woman lacks a man’s resources when it comes to defending herself.” 211
  6. “Leaving aside, therefore, those virtues of the mind which she must have in common with the courtier, such as prudence, magnanimity, continence and many others besides, and also the qualities that arcommon to all kinds of women, such as goodness and discretion, the ability to take good care, if she is married, of her husband’s belongings and house and children, and the virtues belonging to a good mother…” 212
  7. She should know how to entertain graciously. 212
  8. “Nor in her desire to be thought chaste and virtuous, should she appear withdrawn or run off if she dislikes the company and she finds herself in or thinks the conversation improper.” 212
  9. “In order to prove herself free and easy, should she talk immodestly or practice a certain unrestrained and excessive familiarity or the kind of behavior that leads people to suppose of her what is perhaps true. If she happens to find herself present at such talk, she should listen to it with a slight blush of shame.” 212
  10. “When she is speaking she should know how to choose topics suitable for the kind of person she is addressing.” 213
  11. “She should not introduce serious subjects into light-hearted conversation.” 213
  12. “She will take part in the recreations suitable for a woman with supreme grace; and her conversations will be fluent, and extremely reserved, decent and charming.” 214
  13. She shouldn’t be robust, energetic, forceful, she can’t play the drums or anything of that nature. 215
  14. She should be dainty, and pretty. 215

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