Western Imagination

What the fuck is that right? A class. That starts teaching about the Renaissance and continues teaching until the Great War. And we are supposed to learn....hold on...i'll get back to that when I find out.

Meanwhile, I take lists in this class.

Structurally its just good for list taking.

Western Imagination (We began with Humanism) :

  • Humanism
  • Renaissance
  • Courts
  • Expectations for Courtier
  • Demanding
  • What’s Born In You
  • vs. What You Acquire
  • Perfect Courtier
  • Noble Birth?
  • Soldier
  • Athletic
  • Military Skills
  • Tennis in the Renaissance
  • Skilled With Weapons
  • Modest in Peacetime
  • Fierce in Battle
  • More Then Average Scholar
  • Greet  +  Latin
  • Poets
  • Orators
  • And Historians



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