Praise In An Empty Way

Young Soul/Old Soul/God is Dead/Philosophy couldn’t be more over my head.


Philosophy 203.

Can’t say what it is we are discussing.

I am behind, missed out on first reading which was about young people going through soul transitions. Sounds fitting. Next we read Nietzsche and tried to understand what God is Dead means. Now we must read Bacon for next week. That small summery is what I have. The notes are shit because the conclusions we came to at the end of class were completely discredited. I have no idea what ‘God is dead’ means. That doesn’t matter in philo though, if you don’t know what something means- you just have to have an idea- maybe it could mean this – or that – or, but nope, no, no no ideas here.


“Less colloquial phrase”

  • Colloquial: (of language) used in ordinary or familiar conversation; not formal or literary.

Overman Vs. Last Man

  • Asks questions
  • What is our next step?
  • Searching for people with the same idea.
  • Ultimate goal
  • Lightening = Last Man
  • Thunder = Overman
  • pg. 16 Last Man = Most Contemptible
  • Last Man is like a wall
  • We ought to be striving to be something else (strives Overman)

Zarathurstra is searching for people with the same ideas.

One Suggestions : People have given up on God. But the churches are still there. Tombs. People have abandoned belief of God in favor of something else. They, the churches, are like tombs. It suggests God runs on our faith and without our faith, he does not talk.



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