Hola, Espanola es supposed to be Diventido. Fun.

Day 1 Notes – not worth noting.

Day 2 Notes – Whatever this is.

I’ll have to go back from the beginning and re-do everything for this. *ATT Learning Curve* Mostly I don’t get past hola, como the llamas, u tu? and that is the extend of spanish retention.

(This is the 3rd time for a Spanish Beginning Course. xoxoxo so stoked #average IQ # Commoner #I’ll just watch a lot of spanish soaps.)

Beginning Spanish:

  • Hay (I): There is/There are
  • Hay cince chicos: There are 15 boys
  • Cuantoas/Cuantas: How much or How many?
  • There are Masculine and Feminine nouns.
  • The masculine or feminine nouns can be singular or plural, and therefore must have a singular or plural article.
  • They call that agreement.
  • The masculine or feminine nouns can have indefinite or definite article that can also be singular or plural and must agree with the noun whether it is either a.) masculine or feminine or b.) singular or plural.
  • Except.
  • Except, for the Exceptions.
  • And there are a lot of them.

Our Spanish words that originate for Greek words i.e. the Exceptions (just a few):

  • El sistema
  • El or la cantante
  • Sion – Feminine. La Television.
  • El/La – Artista.
  • Tad- Feminine. La Libertad.
  • Dad – Feminine.
  • Hablador – talkative male.

Then of course there is always the familiar vs. the stranger & more highly respected. Which we are taught to speak to with the Ustedes form or Ustd. for short.


We have been told to learn the SER: (to be) conjugations. They are soy, eres, es, somos, sois, son

 Times to Use Ser

  • Time: Que hora es? What time is it?
  • Description: Ana es alta: Ana is tall.  Son inteligentes: They are intelligent.
  • Origin: Ana es de Cuba. Ana is from Cuba.
  • Nationalidad: Ana es Cubana. Ana is a Cuban.
  • Profession: Ana es medica. Ana is a..something medical.
  • Religion: Ana es Catolica. Ana is Catholic.
  • Political Affiliations: Ana es republicana. Ana is a republican.

Ser: Infinitive —— These are the infinitive endings.

  • Ar
  • Er
  • Ir

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