Dark Dab Into White: Oil Painting

The first day of painting. I hated. These are the notes I took from that day. That long, chipper, depressing day.

For Oil Painting

Shit I fucking forgot about the exhibition, that was this thursday, that was required. I didn’t go. Its Friday. 

Here are the notes:

  • Mineral Spirit (Gamsol) and Galkyd: Thins out paint.
  • Mix no more than 50/50
  • Drying depends on fatty/lean pigment 
  • Build painting in layers – always do this.
  • In the first layer, we are going to “Block in”.
  • There is also a thing called Linseed oil. 
  • (Not my favorite).
  • Turpenoid Natural: Great for Clean up and Cleaning brushes. 
  • Lighter brush = rougher texture (Natural)
  • Darker brushes = softer (synthetic) 
  • The synthetic ones are good for detail work and blending
  • PS. Sabel brushes are painfully expensive. 
  • All this shit is very, many, much technicalities. Enjoy.

Homework Every Week

  • Art in America: Go into Art building in Yellow Thing and get a magazine. Rip, paste, and critique the critique of a work of art in the magazine as well as an original critique from you. Include date. Sketch some shit you know, be creative. Hate/love, Success/fail. Due Each Week. Record in your fancy dandy Art Journal. 

Things to Consider:

  • Warm Colors Advance
  • Deep Space vs. Shallow Space 
  • What is shallow is more intimate .
  • Unity vs. Variety.
  • Unity being Cohesive and such.
  • Open composition vs. closed.
  • All create different responses and communicate differently. 
  • Like this lines _______________________ a horizontal line is calm. Hollar at the horizon line, its serene n’ shit.
  • Diagnoal lines, which i can’t type////// are CHAOTIC///STRESS. //like every day// living//shits just like how Parisians drive. 
  • Bold lines

    __________________________ are STRONG. formal. you know- bold is bold.

  • Swirly pretty lines are graceful- like ivy or vines.  

  • ∇∇∇∇∇ Shapes are rigid. Mathmetical. They convey order and logic. 
  • Shapes can convey an emotional response- this is visual language.


There has been — 4 days of painting, I joined late so I’ve been there 3. We have the assignment of painting gourds (still life) in a monochrome. My one color I am using is Blue. Progress is good I guess…fast. I’m anxious about detail because where is my patience going to come for that. That’s on Monday. I am considering adding tiny geometric shapes to create dimension. Its easier to waste time blending. So I’ll blend all monday and then do shapes and criss-crossing on Wednesday. And that journal shit. So, that’s for next week. 


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