Perfect Courtier Cont.

More Characteristics of the Perfect Courtier

Music & The Arts

“Gentlemen, I must tell you that I am not satisfied with our courtier unless he is also a musician and unless as well as understanding and being able to read music he can play several instruments.” 94

“For when we think of it, during out leisure time we can find nothing more worth or commendable to help our bodies relax and our spirits recuperate, especially at Court where, besides the way in which music helps everyone to forget his troubles, many things are done to please the ladies, whose tender and gentle souls are very susceptible to harmony and sweetness.” 95

“Moreover, I remember having heard that Plato and Aristotle insist that a well-educated man should also be a musician; and with innumerable arguments they show that music exerts a powerful influence on us, and, for many reasons that would take to long to explain…” 95

“…its capacity to breed good new habits and a virtuous disposition and make the soul more receptive to happiness, just as exercise makes the body more robust; and they add that must far from being harmful to the pursuits of peace or war is greatly to their benefit. “ 95

– which not only soothes the souls of men but often tames wild beasts. 95
– Once it caused a fish to let itself be ridden by a man over the tempestuous sea. 95
– Labourers in the field working under the burning sun will often relieve their tedium with simple country songs. 96

“I believe that music is not only an ornament but a necessity for the courtier.” 96

He should also be a painter, and have good design. 96


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