Philosophy 203 Response to Nietzsche

Thus Spake Zarathustra
Zarathustra was in the forest until was was so wise he could not take it anymore and had to share his wisdom with others. Zarathustra meets a saint in the forest and they get along well but Zarathustra takes note that the saint doesn’t know God is dead. Zarathustra goes into town to spread the word by speaking to a group of people. What does he mean God is dead? Zarathustra says to the people overcome yourselves and learn the meaning of the earth. But the people laugh and the performer performs. Who is the Overman? Zarathustra is a teacher who yearns to teach others of their existence. why? How does he know? The performer falls and dies, Zarathustra buries him, and vows no longer to talk out of pride.

The Joyful Wisdom
This story is a madman yelling that he seeks god Does he real seek god? He wants to know where god went but think he is asking the wrong crowd. These people don’t believe in God. He asks then a lot of rhetorical questions. God…what does he mean by that? He asks how we could ever forgive ourselves for being such murderers. Whe, where, why did we kill god? So the madman says he’s too early – meant ions and event – maybe the act of killing God- and relizes the people don’t understand and here the madman says he is too early. He has arrived before the event. The people have not yet killed God, yet they have. What is the symbolism? The significance? What is the madman telling us? He calls Church the tomb of God. What does they mean by that?


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