Characteristics of a Courtier

Western Imagination
VCTV 201 F and G
Sarah Myers

Characteristics of a Courtier:

1. Talent, good looks & disposition, the race which makes a person always pleasing at first sight. Pg 56
2. The first and true profession of the courtier must be that of arms. 57
3. Let him also stand out from there set as enterprising, bold and loyal to whom he serves. 57
4. The courtier should understand about seeking restitution and the conduct of dispute, and he should be skilled in seizing the advantage and in all this he must show both courage and prudence. 62
5.He should always show readiness and courage and he should not behave like those who are always quibbling and arguing over point of honor… 62
6. He should start young and learn the principles from the best teachers. 66
7. I would like hime to use certain words in a metaphorical sense, whenever it is appropriate, putting them to novel use like a gardener grafting a branch on to a healthier trunk. 78
8. I should like our courtier to be a more than average scholar, 90
9. ;and he should have a knowledge of Greek as well as Latin, because of the many different things that are so beautifully written in that language. 90
10. He should be very well acquainted with the poets, and no less with the orators and historian, and also skilled at writing both verse and prose, especially in our own language- 90
11. He should take pains to suppress his work, to avoid, ridicule and he should show it only to a friend he can trust. 90/91
12. I should like our courtier to keep one precept firmly in mind: namely, that in what I have just discussed and in everything else he should always be diffident and reserved rather than forward, and he should be on his guard against assuming that he knows what he does not know. 91
13. The courtier when he knows the praises he receives are deserved, not assent to them too openly nor let them pass without some protest. Rather he should tend to disclaim them modestly, always giving the impression that arms are, as indeed should be, his chief profession and that all his other fine accomplishments serve merely as adornments. 92


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