Psychology Fall 2011: Basic Neuroanatomy

Lesion Studies

  • an injury or surgical removal of the brain
  • Different areas of the brain control different behaviors.
  • ‘There is discovered, the brain is organized into two sides, so if one got injured the other one could take over, -like a back up system.’
  • Its not ethical to Lesion humans so to find an ethical way to look at the brain we invented EEG: Electroencrondabo gram.
  • Its non invasive, it measures brain patterns, What is normal, What is not normal. Who knows you know.

Grey Matter – Low Myelin – High Water

White Matter – High Myelin – Low Water


P.E.T. = Position. Emission. Topography.     Uses radio active glucose to light up the brain part that’s burning the fuel. 

C.T. = Computerized Tomography

M.R.I. = Computerized Tomography with Magnetics

Bae Angola serves out Dopamine

Thalamus & Hypothalamus control basic drives: Feeds, Fleeting, Fighting, Fucking

The Limbic System

  • Very Strong Emotion
  • Sex Drive
  • Mate Recognition
  • Memory
  • Sense of Smell

Mammilary Bodies – also associated with memory. 

Cerebral Cortex

  • Association
  • Planning
  • Judgement
  • Personality
  • Language
  • Speech Pathway




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