Art History Fall 2011

What is style?

  • Period Style: Characteristic of a certain time/place
  • Regional Style: Origin
  • Personal Style: Artists/Architects

What were the artists’ intentions?


Someone is paying for the art. Question is… why.

A cathedral has to have a bishop. A city has only one

Iconography: Speaks to content and symbols in the art. What it means, a quick reminder, small picture of the bigger one.

What characterizes it?

Personifications. Stories behind the art, the mask, a dream within a dream. 

Something that is intangible

Narrative art: for teaching

Questions to ask about the art: Where is it? How long has it been there?

All questions are just as important. You just have to ask them in the right order.

Where was it? Ask this first, its the most important. 

Imitation. People imitating Jesus. People painted to imitate Jesus.






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