Art History: Fall 2011

Assyria: Incredible cruel, ruthless.

“So much of the art we study from this day forward will tell a story.”

Hieratic Art: “He’s bigger than everybody, because its about him.” He’s higher up.

Stacked to show spacial depth.

Expensive material, the best for the gods. Only someone important gets the best.

Babylon- Hammurabi’s Code: First Written Law. No more ‘Claimed Ignorance.’

Hittites have iron weapons, iron = power.

By 1600 BC Lion Gate Hattusha Anatolia will look just like the greek cities. 

Pottery: Technique of glazing came from Europe.

Babylon captivity of the Jews.

Egypt is very predictable, Ziggurat is not atom bomb. 

Hieratic- who’s the most important person here. (on top) Upper kingdom is down here. (bottom.) 

Imhotep: First Architect we know 


Orient toward the sun


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