Art & Design Notes 11/14/11

Start with choosing:

  • Levels
  • Start with  lightest
  • Individual steps
  • A lot of steps but start with lace texture and build from there
  • The Xerox leaf is last to go down.
  • Asymetrical

Pick pattern technique or create pattern technique or in lights value beside white and begin to build layers.

Step back and asses balance.

Other textures & ideas and things

  1. Washes- blur edges
  2. Songes- soften
  3. veins- contrast definition
  4. shadows that mimic xerox
  5. textiles
  6. rotations
  7. mirror imaging
  8. atmospheric
  9. illusion pattern
  10. volumetric pattern
  11. water

How to Define Veins:

  • Paint Veins first
  • Paint Edges
  • Sizes
  • Full leaves
  • Small, large, middle, huge
  • Puzzle Pieces
  • Start small in the background
  • Energy
  • Control

Nov. 30th Due:

  1. two that are very different
  2. 22 by 30
  3. The End: Distractions, Disguises, Tricks, in plain sight, Depth


***I know what this was now- it was the final project, my favorite of all the ones we did. Mostly because of the illusion, this project was all about creating something that wasn’t there- or was there. I don’t know what veins or leaves means. This art professor was my favorite. This was fall semester 2011 first semester of college for me, and I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I didn’t realize how good this guy was until I was gone. Yeah, one of those shit scenarios.



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