Anthropology: Fall 2011 “What it is to be human”

Anthropology is holistic, comparative, field bases, and evolutionary.

Holistic means try to piece together all that is known about human beings.

They draw on many if not all disciplines for information and clues. Keep this in mind.

This brings together their lives all from different standpoints. Such as social, religious, economic, political, linguistic.

Anthropologists must consider the widest range of human societies possible before generalizing. What it is to be human.

Evolutionary is with the study of human from a biological perspective.

4 Major Subfields: Biological, Cultural, Linguistic, Archaeology

Biological: Study primates, genetic variations, teen/ paleoanthropolists, human growth & development, susceptibility to disease.

Cultural: investigate how different beliefs & behaviors of different human groups are shaped by culture: Expressive behavior, material culture, contemporary issues (gender, etc). Traditionally rooted in field work. Get to know people as individuals.

Informants are people who share their way of life with Anthropologists.

Single Culture Book: Monograph

2 Comparatives: Ethnography

Archaeologists: deal with remains from earlier societies.

Applied anthropology use finds to address problems in contemporary world.

The whole thing, Anthropology, being in Western Europe over 100 years ago.

Modernism: can be viewed in terms of liberation from outdated traditions that prevent people from building better lives from themselves and their children.

The criticism of modernism, accompanied by an active questioning of all the boundaries and categories that modernists set up as objectively true, has come to be called: Post Modernism.

Critical Thinkers.



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