Secrets To Be Better At Composition: “Juxtaposition is like a box that is really an ocean”

Notes from freshman year of college, studying at Mary Baldwin College. I found these notes and I want to get rid of the rough copies. So here I am, typing them up. Maybe I’ll learn something from them. 
  • Point, Line, Plane, Volume
  • Color, Shape, Size, Texture


  • Being literate with the visual: The ability to both ear and visualize pictures in the mind
  • “Juxtaposition is like a box that is really an ocean.”
  • Influence by Gravity
  • Balance, Sense of Balance, Aesthetic Balance
  • Relationships. Not relative in space. Like people. Emotions, kids, nativity, adolescence, adults, broken, happy, sad.
  • Achieving Balance: a small highly active contour can equal a calm large object. 


  • Higher the object, the heavier it will be (especially if its in the corner)
  • Its there. Weight is there, even when you are not aware it is. 
  • Bon Iver

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