April 10, 2014 Modern Latin America

· The last thing the US wanted was German influence in the Caribbean.
· So US invaded Haiti.
· Haiti would not be in debt until 1941- that’s the other side of the invasion- a solvent Haiti.
· Economic vampirism increased during this time period: Peasants work for government, government exploits them.
· Consequence of that is excessive centralization. Expansion of import/export Port Au Prince.
· Woodrow Wilson administrations concern with Haiti.
· Consequences also: The army- was army of the people, went after other people, pride of Haiti took care of Haiti—that was demolished. Became replaced with Americans, became police.
· To keep Haitians in their place, to maintain control.
· No longer army of the people. 6,000 peasants killed. City people suppressed.
· This army was stocked with people would be loyal to Duvalierism
Francoise Duvalier (1907-1971)
*Army and centralization both tools. *For future dictators, for duvalierism

“Of course, history is complicated”

Nationalism in Latin America
The new Corraroly.
· Celebration of things Indigenous
· Going the entire ay back to before the Spanish got there- and with it hold a very hostile anti-Spanish element.
· Indigenismo- that’s what that’s called: Celebration of Indian Culture
· Populism- Celebration of the masses
· Revolutionary movements/counter revolutionary movement
· Nationalism vs. the Roosevelt Corollery
· US protecting its investments in Latin America/Caribbean
· Populism is the populist movement
· Reacting against mass economic privation
· And ruthless dictatorships empowered to protect those interests
· Liberals (today would be most similar to US conservatives) forced the ideas of modernism and industrialization.
· Belief in important of Capital, in economic science.
· Latin American region: Ideology a decadence, a destruction of values.
· Celebration of the virtues of the country over ‘corruption’ and ‘decadence’ of the industrialized cities.
· Cities were seen as places where foreign things lived (on one hand)
· Gemeinschaft vs. Gesellscaft
· Moral behavior- banks lived in cities, now seen as corruption- context for celebration of peasants over city.
· Happening in Germany
· Happening in Latin America
· Result of industrialization: Showing that contradictions are happening in both places as they deal with industrialization
· Liberals & Industrialists, modernism vs. Populists, Pre-Spanish Culture

Concur: b : to express agreement <concur with an opinion>

So when I stop being bitter about the $1.25 I spent on a mini ceramic tile size brownie then I can talk about all the fun stuff I’ve learned from Latin America and my logic will be fallacy and my knowledge will be inadequate. I can’t wait. Much Fun.


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