” The Langolier’s” Quotes to Expand on Interview 8

“To make matters worse, a pressurization problem had developed during the latter part of the flight. Minot at first, it had gradually worsened until it was scary. It had almost gotten to the point where a blowout and explosive decompression could have occurred…and had mercifully grown no worse. Sometimes such problems suddenly and mysteriously stabilized themselves, and that was what happened this time.” (5)

“Maybe I’m getting to old for this business.” That was, of course, the sort of thing anyone said about his job from time to time, particularly at the end of a bad shift, and Brian knew damned well he wasn’t too old for the job–at forty-three, he was just entering prime time for airline pilots.”

“Through the most unpleasant of coincidences, he would now have a chance to experience both places within an eight-hour span of time: into LAX as the pilot, into Logan as a deadheading passenger.”

“He had been flying long enough to know a good bit about their group psychology.  When a passenger freaked out, few if any of the others every moved. Most air travelers meekly surrendered their option to take individual action when they entered the bird, sat down, and buckled their seat belts around them.”

“Once those few simple things were accomplished, all problem solving tasks became the crews responsibility. Airline personnel called them geese, but they were really sheep….”

private pilots = small airports vs commercial pilots = big airports

“The dog won’t bark!” Brain said frantically. “That’s impossible, but that’s what’s happening!” 

He spoke with great effort. “They don’t let guys do what I do for a living if they panic, Nick.” (39)

I’ll take us out over the Atlantic and drop under the ceiling as we head back. (56)

Nick sigh. “Well, you’re the captain.”


International airport



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