Put This Shit in Excel and Get Some Answers

Finances April 2014 What did I buy Where did I buy it How much was it How did I pay for it 4.1.14 Coffee George Street Coffee Shop $2.00 (including tip) Cash 4.1.14 Post Card Stamps (10) Post Office $3.40 Cash 4.3.14 Pills Pharmacy $3.00 Discover 4.4.14 Transcript Request (2) Mary Baldwin College $8.00 Dad’s Visa 4.5.14 toothpaste, eyeliner, conditioner, sharpie Giant $7.11 Discover 4.5.14 Butter toffee K-cups Khols $7.81 Discover + 4.00 on Coupon 4.6.14 four small beads That Fucking Bead Store $0.20 Cash 4.6.14 Coffee Lancaster Coffee Roasters at Market $1.35 Cash 4.6.14 Curry Chicken & Sesame Chicken Chinese Food Place $10.00 Cash








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