Ethnographic Methods 3/31/2014

How to finalized ethnography will look.


  • Visual- Planes/Cockpit/Cargo Ceiling
  • Colorful quotes
  • Concrete Examples
  • Illustrate with Examples
  • Diagram or sketch airplane


  • Ideas for future research
  • Quality: Did you do it well
  • Personal Experience: did you hate it

Things to Do:

  • Come up with catchy title
  • Title Page: “Catching the Ride” Ethnography of Pilots Anth 220: Ethnographic Methods Dr. Arnold Spring 2014
  • Outline and Thesis Statement: one page with them phrase and I, II, III, bullet listings show organization.
  • Does not show detail
  • Gather list of sayings, phrases, mottos, quotes
  • Walk my friend Adam through description
  • “Sketch Maps”
  • Taxonomy: Steps in Operation (Include bolded label (title) directly underneath in ethnography)
  • Taxonomies: Read back up through

Table of Contents (Rough & subject to change drastically)

  • Getting Starting/Methodology
  • Background
  • Nature Ethnography
  • Overview
  • Background/Schooling/Building Time
  • Cultural Scene
  • Major Airline
  • Trips: Regional vs. International
  • Go into International
  • Home-airport-takeoff-fly-land-layover-takeoff-fly-land-airport-home
  • Medical/check ride/Seniority
  • Conclusion

Paper 3: Go back and cut most of it out. It should be a summary, overview means 3 paragraphs of major domains- get into more detail with folk terms that is not paper three that is actual ethnography. Major domains informant emphasized and basically what the paper is going to be about. That’s all. Whats the big picture, and why are you focusing on these domains. Use that as transition into rest of Ethnography.

Two or three of paper #4 will make up Ethnography.

Writing Tips to Straighten Out

: ____________, ____________ , and _______________. Not a sentence, but a list.

; __________________________________________. Complete Sentence.

When referring to a person, WHO. He was the one who went to the office. People are things. That thing did not go to the office.

Singular subject must have singular pronoun.

Source Example: (Spradley, McCurdy, and Shandy 2005:5).

How to write really well:

  • Think of audience as Adam
  • Not for anybody
  • Not for professor
  • Not for yourself
  • Helps not leave out important details
  • Forces you to really explain everything
  • Doesn’t let you worry about being judged
  • Write as a personal letter
  • To my best audience; my best friend



  • Is there anything I have forgotten that a reader will need to know
  • Logical Order, list in a way that makes sense
  • Be sure you include everything that you need to
  • Don’t over do it
  • Only include what’s relevant
  • Deal with topic
  • Stick to it
  • How is it going to be presented
  • What are you going to emphasize
  • Did you do what you said you would do

Creativity and Insight:

  • Lol my specialty

Discovering Cultural Themes

  • Goal: to discover and uncover insider’s perspective
  • Logic of informant’s cultural knowledge
  • Dictates Direction
  • Introduce theme in paper three
  • Use as link
  • Re-mention theme and how it is tied in
  • Cultural theme: Recurring Idea
  • Could be tacit or explicit: Mostly they are tacit
  • That’s why ethnography has to find it/them themselves



  • What do you like most about flying?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Why would someone want to be a pilot?
  • Is there anything I left out?
  • Is there anything I’ve forgotten to ask that I didn’t and you think I should know?
  • Is there any topic we didn’t touch on that we should have?
  • Out of all the things that someone has to know to be a pilot, which do you think would be the most important for me to understand, as an outsider.



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