Analysis Draft Part II: Open Veins of Latin America

America did not have a name.  Before America had a name. Who knew America had a name, Columbus sure fucking didn’t. Mass murderer of the hour. Hey how’s it going, I’ll just come back here with a few sugar canes, plant that shit, and—what the fuck was the plan with him?

Before European conquistadors discovered it, America did not have a name. Once word had gotten back to Europe what lay across the ocean there was a scramble between countries for land in the overseas paradise known today as Latin America.  

Silver was among one of the resources to be found. Silver was a key. To an economic theory and practice that promoted governmental regulation of a nation’s economy for the purpose of augmenting state power at the expense of rival national powers: Mercantilism

That silver sentence is really misplaced because as far as I read in Galeano’s book gold was found before silver. The beginning. Not the beginning. Somewhere in the middle. Whatever. Wherever. Natives. These are the Inca, Maya, Aztec. I still believe they were great. Some natives though the Gods and come. The Natives thought the Europeans were Gods. No not every foreigner thinks when someone comes to greet them on their shores that they are going to mass murder every person in their village, no. Not at first. Can’t say that today. That Indians thought prophecy had been fulfilled. “They came on deer as high as horses.”

The Europeans were like oh cool sal, ;look at that spanks, gold, gold everywhere. They hungered for it like wild animals. No I’m not just making this up I swear. I read it in a book. The Indians left notes behind you know. They wrote letters. They had their own language. We have translators. Then somewhere I read this book and the Indians describe the Europeans like monkeys, holding the gold up and smiling like it fulfilled them. They left as peaceful as they came, but then they came back. One of the mass murders of nations was called the Antillean Holocaust. _______ natives were killed in conquest and pillaging of native lands. This is off topic. Fantastic.

1994 treaty of Tordesillas gave Portugal half of Latin American and Spain the left half.  The pop drew the line.

By 1522 the world was declared round and conquest was in full swing. Whatever that means I probably shouldn’t include that. One year later establishments are being created, there’s 1533 the heart of Inca Empire was seized by a Pizarro Franciso and Santiago de Chile was founded by Pedro de Valdivia1540.

Many Indians died from the disease the Europeans brought. I know this has nothing to do with Latin America being an European Market but its really important and not irrelevant and I’ll find a way to include it . Small pox, tetanus, lung, intestinal, general diseases, like the whole fucking lot- typhus, leprosy, yellow fever- that makes me feel even worse, knowing European presences alone killed Natives. They didn’t even have to do anything, on top of raining iron, and fire, and burning, and tortured. Just by being there, others died.  But it was bound to happen wasn’t it. If the Europeans didn’t come, some one else would have. That’s just how history goes. Just. Like that can justify genocide. Not to me.

Spaniards hungered for the gold so much that no amount could satisfy them. It has been said that they dug for go f the bottom of lakes for years, looking for more.

Laminae: thrown into melting pot. Insatiable hunger for could, could not be satisfied yes just said that- Out Petri comes in later. Maybe suggest a sentence saying how gold was not a part of native economy- sued for decoration and adoration to honor gods.

Galeano presents Potosi. Silver City. Sort of. In 1650 Potosi was one of the richest cities in the world. Might hold out on this for a while because need to get into economy explanations and use Potosi example. Suppose.

According to a new census Potosi was one of the richest cities in the world of 1650. Wealth beyond imagine. Here are just some adjectives for you to feast on, hungry swine. Splendor. Opulence. Extravagance. Unleashed upon them. Adventure.  Wonder of the World. Because that’s where the money went, to jewels and churches and fine clothing but today Potosi is so poor that there isn’t enough money to keep the candles in the church lit.

Silver as it went back to Europe, what did it go to pay for. A lot of fucking things really, silver went everywhere, so quick, so fast, it was a sellout. Silver was sold out to other countries all before it touched Spanish soil. Europe could not get enough of it. The money went to fund manufacturers, to finish building st. Peters- the developing country could develop faster than ever with this source of capital.

Silver went to pay for: Non Spanish merchandise, exports to New World that were not Spanish. German, Flemish, Geonese –silver shipments were owed to them. Money used to finish st. Peters (23-24 check that)

Stimulated Rush- Spirit- Business- every one wanted in it one it. A business spirit, money to establish factories, Europe said. We can be the most powerful in the world.  What else could anyone possibly fucking take from that mindset.

Developing countries taken over by the already developed.

Silver and gold fed capitalist mercantile expansion, Spain and Portugal do not receive benefits. Silver and gold come from Latin American colonies that belong to Spain and Portugal. Capital moves through silver and gold (for now more to come) in Europe, this is what’s happening: banks are being founded. Merchandise is being produced. That merchandise is being exchanged. Businessmen took control of cities. Latin America was at the service of the European market. (Reword that) This country, supplies, supplies, supplies, to this other country, which takes and takes and takes. Latin America got to consume little of its raw material. The resources flowed like the wealth of Potosi in 1650 –over the ocean, to Europe, where nations could fed economies that would give back to them. But it was not that way I Latin America. Without someone to lost there can be no one to win.

Spain colonizing ____________ L.A. Spain receives mines and lands of Latin America through colonization. Spaniards were told by the keep- get as much as you can, surplus, and send it back. (Galeano 30)

Latin America colony: Colonies economy

Observe that Latin America’s role was to finance a growing nation, but not its own. Capitalism was developing elsewhere and it was in serious need of funding and knew right where it could be found. The capital that did stay in Latin America. Went to: Construction great palaces, jewels, luxurious clothing, and furniture. Maintenance of servants. Extravagance. Fiestas. This stopped new land’s from being purchased at around the same time Europe was swooping in to snatch them up. Latin America revolved around “commercial speculative” ________________give Potosi examples here___________________. That’s why the money, once it was gone- it was fucking gone. Spent.




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