Interview 6: Preparation Notes and Unanswered Question

Questions in Bold

  • How much fuel must a pilot decide to take. “Enough for destination, alternate destination and one hour after that.” Who decides this.
  • Who makes the announcements on the airplane?
  • Push back: Same as: Leave gate, correct?
  • Why is it that pilots cannot come out of the cockpit anymore?
  • Kinds of Tickets/Things a ticket is good for
  • Regional Airlines: fly within the region/connected to major airlines: through code sharing.
  • United Express is a type of ________________________.
  • Regional jet vs. Regional plane: Is one more similar than the other?
  • Cargo: Ups/Fed Ex/Flying Tigers: Do these all go together?
  • Big Cargo: Car/Boat/Race Horse
  • What are the captain and first officer required to work together on? (Rely heavily on each other during emergencies)
  • Charter: Private Service
  • Commuter/Regional/Major: Public
  • Pilots: Corporate (?), Commercial (captain 1st officer), Flight Instructor (teach individuals to fly/pilot in command)
  • Hubs are Bases. United Bases and/or other bases? (List)
  • Possible Experience/Building Times/Flying Hours taxonomy.
  • Unruly Passengers: On Ground/Before Pushback/Post 911.
  • Example Charter: Fort Myers Airways
  • Example Commuter: Pocono Airlines
  • Example Regional: _____________________
  • Example Cargo: Flying Tigers
  • Is does size of cargo depend whether airline is major or not?
  • Commuters fly the spoke, carrying people to bigger airports: feeding.



Small Cargo Yoke Joystick
Mail Control Coloumn No Control Coloumn
Fruit Boeing Airbus
Vegetables ? Captain steers w/ left hand
Flowers ? First Officer steers w/ right hand
Anything other than people ? ?
? ?
? ?


727-early 60s,

737- mid 60s

747-late 60s

757-early 70s

767-late 70/early 80s



*Sequence has nothing to do with size


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