Ethnographic Methods Class Notes 3.24.14 “Underlying Value”

Some more answers for Ethnographic Interviewing Question Confusion

  • How Does ___________ Work: not a structural question. Don’t Ask This.
  • How is  ___________________ organized: Yes, that’s good.
  • How is order produced: Goal
  • How does he organize it or think about it.

(do my interviews have the correct information-? the information I need?)

Attribute Questions dimensions of contrast with cultural meaning, which is the purpose of ethnography, which makes them the most important question but they can’t be asked right off the bat. We have to lead up to them. Because we don’t even know what they are in the beginning. We have to ask description to  find the folk terms, them we have 10009090 folk terms and we pick up the important ones, the specials ones, the ones brought up the most. From them we pick out key domains, those who show organization of the micro culture, the key domains we turn into taxonomies and paradigms and this is the deciding factor that shows whether or not you have done your research. Whether or not you can show cultural meaning, what is it that pilots value? And finally, keep in mind that there will be no paradigm without taxonomies. After all, this is where Paradigms come from. First one will be taxonomy of first officer and a taxnomy of pilot, then I will compare the two into a larger chart is essentially, a paradigm.

  • Sizes of Airplanes in United Airlines
  • Types of Airplanes in United Airlines

Find: Theme that runs through all domains also; Maybe you know, find some domains in the meantime

Cannot use Anthroplogical term you have not already defined (later in paper) such as: domain, culture, etc.

Ethnography of Pilots:

  • This is how the paper goes.
  • A.) You tell reader about Anthropology
  • B.) You tell reader about why you picked your topic.
  • C.) You talk about how you got your start.
  • D.) Move into the heart.

Get a Good Start:

  • Dedication is __________ facter: Shows underlying value (and that’s key here people)
  • Summarize entire micro culture in one paragraph.(challenge accepted)
  • Put in all domains (okay, May take up more than one paragraphy to do but I’ll do it.)
  • ____________ is a affluent micro culture. (something like that idk, do i like that/can i do better?)
  • History! (I like that, include in interview 6, along with Mr. Tim: How did you know the malaysian flight would be in the Indian Ocean?)
  • Reader should be seeing the whole thing and what to expect.

Interview 6: Why does Pilots do what they do?

*Great quotes illustrate something important*


  • If I had more time what would I have done/what could i have done different/same/relationship with informat improve/worsen/ did I make a good interviewer/ If i had to do research in the future would i choose this topic/why/why not/what could I improve on/what did I learn etc, etc/



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