Detailed Notes: Interview V 3.15.14

Medical: 1 class medical FAA renewed every 6 months, FAA approved doctor checks:

  • eyes
  • reflexes
  • ears
  • throat
  • nose
  • hearing

wrong? correct it in order to get it. sick, not able to fly. Can’t take prescription drugs, limited approved by FAA. Examples: Diabetes: No, Heart Attack: Eventually.


  • Every 9 months: “check ride” cycle (United) (Everything’s Changing)
  • Go to: Training Center
  • Train in: Emergencies, Udated latest things in industry
  • tested with: Oral & Simulator exams.
  • Emergencies require certain procedures, within FAA & United parameters.
  • Pilots are given Set Scenarios such as: “Engine Fail.”
  • Part alone/& part with crew
  • Pass: good for next cycle.
  • Fail: Additional training & re-check

TK– United’s training facilitator (where procedure takes place) Procedure:

  • Practice opening emergency doors
  • jumping in an escape: every couple years
  • same/most are, some same. Not all emergencies, some normal procedure.
  • “Single Engine Landing” approaches “No precision” (example landing procedure/approaches. approaches?)
  • Category 3 approaches (captain always) “auto land”(example landing approaches)
  • “Captain’s upgrade choice course”
  • These are “check-rides”
  • check rides: stressful, regular basis
  • Course Example: Initial Captain Boeing 737 Captain Course

(Parts of training procedure, ^^)

Is check ride same as….    ?

Pilots go to training center for upgrade courses as well as check rides.

Additional responsibilities of Captain:

  • Captain calls command
  • coordination with flight attendant
  • coordination with customer service agents
  • taxiing

*Regional Right Seat: Position in Heating and Air conditions earns a person more income*

Types of Airplanes Example

  • Country: United States
  • Airline: United
  • Manufatures: 1. Airbus 2. Boeing

“Course line you follow”

Captain and first officer matched up (part of check ride training) & tested together at end.


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