Detailed Notes Interview IV: 3/8/14


  • worst: Thunderstorm
  • microburst: concentrate column air- meteorologist term
  • snow: de-ice airplane. 
  • tornados: spall line- multiple thunderstorms could be in line. 
  • Good: clear, light winds, “Smooth
  • “types of” flying conditions?

Bouncy air- mountains close to thunderstorm. 

Prevailing winds usually west to east

Prevailing winds: flow of the winds: air current

Because of Prevailing Winds: Dulles to Paris = 8 hours: Paris to Dulles = Longer

Jet Stream: catch it to go faster *Catch the Ride* 30,000- 50,000 feet up

Jet speed in Jet stream: 680 Knots over the ground, vs. airspeed under 450 knots over the ground

“true airspeed” speed airplane moves through air

International layovers: body adjustment: sleep patterns “Backside of body clock” : cultural adjustment (big) 

  • Parts of layover? International layover?

Captain Contrast First Officer 

Captain: Left side, final authority, deals with error, in command of airplane, diversion, all emergencies. "Captain's Choice", checklist, captain always taxis. 

Ist Officer: Right seat, con give choices on what to do, does fly airplane: alternate leg (unlike movies) checklists

(Possible Paradigm ^^ )

Air Traffic Control (ATC)

  • Clears to taxi, controlling all others, cruise altitude: climbing up to certain altitude 35,000 -stay until descending. 
  • Sequenceing a lll these airplanes important. 
  • sectors
  • pushback 
  • tug salute
  • taxi from get airplane to runway on ground 
  • nose wheel
  • towers
  • ?
  • oceanic
  • segments

(All ^^ irrelevant to micro-pilot culture) 

Maintience delays

“Stall” Not engine stall “a couple thousand feet to recover” 

“Simulator” (mentioned in interview 5)

*757 is favorite to fly*

Lift on the wing, spillers wing changers* descending, fallings out of the sky. 


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