Ethnography Questions Revisited: Thinking like an Ethnographer

* Finalize & Merge papers 1, 2, & 3- add subtitles*

  1. Keeping up with studying?
  2. What it takes to get to a major airline: dedication
  3. Must stay healthy: Medical: Every 6 months
  4. Elaborate on Captain’s Training
  5. In the first interview you say there is no set schedule but later you say you chose to stay on the 737 because you had more control over your schedule. Could you explain this for me? 
  6. Do you have to know a lot of Geography to be a pilot.
  7. Trip: European trip. Three trip
  8. What goes on in the terminal?
  9. Crew: First officer, any one else? Augmented Crew: Captain, Relief Captain, First Officer, Relief First Officer, anyone else?
  10. Fuel: Good Weather vs. Bad Weather
  11. Elaborate on the rules for fuel please.
  12. Said reserve first office and relief first officer, are they the same person?
  13. Contrast set: European trip vs. U.S. trip (Hub to Hub)

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