Ethnography: What NOT to ask

Anthropologists study all aspects of humans. Which makes them holistic. What ties this all together is culture. What is culture- knowledge. Culture is learned. Culture is shared- key word shared, shared means with other people. Shout out to my generation and younger, we don’t really know what that means. Archeology studies the culture of the pas, physical studies the interaction between biology/environment, cultural studies uncovering of culture. These are all sub-fields of anthropology. People use culture: to generate behavior. People use culture: to interpret the world. Their world. Culture anthropologists study culture by 1.) Participant Observation (what we’re not doing) 2.) Ethnographic Interviews (what we are doing) *Insider’s point of view*

Folk Term: Concepts people are using to communicate making coffee drinks, flying a plane, being European, etc. (item/something they do: My job is to figure out what these things mean which means I AM NOT ASKING: what does this mean, explain this- these are terrible, terrible questions and should never ever be repeated.) Always use the informants language, repeat it back to them, pick up on it, use it in context. Know that an ethnographic question is in the words of your informant. Any curious wonderings = No. That’s not an ethnography question. If it sounds like you are having a conversation, that is not an ethnography question. You are not friends with your informant. Your not shitting with your friend having a chat chat about who’s shitting the shittier shit. 

Getting into Taxonomies & Paradigms– Things To Identify: Domains: Cover Terms: Potential Included Terms

What did he focus on in the first interview?

Questions Not to ask:

  • Don’t ask them shit they don’t know.
  • Don’t ask them things they haven’t mentioned.
  • Don’t be a bastard. If you are already fluent in bastard, pretend you are not.
  • How many planes does Delta own: That was a shit question, do you think the fucking president of the company even knows that? No, there are more cultural important questions and you totally missed the point. 
  • Tell me why blank blank is important: NO. Did informant ever tell you that was important in the first place? Why do you care? Personal desire? Don’t you know your opinions can go to shit and burn in hell her in academia institution. 
  • Stay away from conversation.
  • Do not ask for meaning. 
  • What is it like to be blank blank- NO. Then you get personal information that ethnographer don’t give two shits about- you ain’t fucking friends, remember that. You care about a broader perspective. They represent their culture as a whole. 
  • If they don’t get it the first time, hold fast, repeat the question- if shyra can do it then you can do it. 

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