Interview 4 Journal

Interview 4 went well, the best of them all. The focus was on weather, and some other things I forget already. I realized the information I’ve been getting was more focused on the airline industry instead of pilot micro culture. I remembered we talked about air traffic control too. I’m not sure how this relates to pilot culture. The which airplane is the best to fly was a great question to ask.  There’s some mentioning of layovers, especially if you’ve got a trip from New York to Japan and the hardships a ilots body must be able to endure.  Then a handful of more folk terms. I’m not sure how well I did with asking structural questions, feeling I needed to reroute back to description questions of pilot microcultrure. I still was sorta stumped when it came to this. This was the most easy-going interview. Skype interview. About one hour. There’s more but I cannot remember at the time.  I did not ask about emergencies or delays as I had originally planned.  Maybe refer back to interview one and see what a pilot does douring his day, I could find more culture related questions there.  I guess I am getting the hang of the interview process but it is still unsettling and foreign to me.


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