Latin American History Discussion Topic Questions: March 6, 2014

  1. Compare the society and culture of Mexico of the first half of the 19th Century to that of the 2nd half of the 19th Century.
  • First Half:
  •                                      Wars, Infasrtucture weakness, political disorder, Santa Anna, Conservative dominated, Caudillo Leadership
  • Second Half:                 Cultural Changes, import/export improvent, infrastructure: liberals fundamental responsible for these things.            Heoric leadership, doctors/dentistry, schools for women, increased investment, arts, theory of progress, emulation of other liberal regimes. Middle and upper class progressing- see lower class alienated, there is a whole mass of people underneath this middle class being excluded. ***He likes this question so watch out for it on the exam.

2. What was the effect of the Industrial Revolution on Latin America? 

  • Free Market
  • Balanced Budget: Paid off debt
  • Railroads (problematic) reducing cost of goods by how fast it gets there/foreign owned, foreign power.
  • Increasing North American U.S. presence in this time. 
  • Large amount of North American investment.
  • Nature: The Mines
  • Expanding Education
  • Pure liberal, tried to attract setting up schools for women
  • Juarez-infastructure-trade-industrialization
  • Mexico wanted to be in international talk

3. “Santa Anna represented an old colonial type Mexico. Juarez represented a new reformed and Modern Mexican State.” Discuss. Contrast Antagonists. 

  • differences between the two: power vs. ideology
  • Caudillo has no committed ideology, political realist, really concerned about power, building power. (Santa Anna)
  • Mexico to be another Europe part of mainstream discourse. (Juarez)
  • Ideologist, building ideology up, progressive (Juarez)
  • In conservative vs. liberal bounds: Military Leader vs. Professional Politician
  • Mexico gets same sort of industrial mindset regime as everybody else and this is where they take it.

4. Discuss the Revolution of Ayutla and how was it a liberal victory? What was the consequence of it?

  • Wanted to get rid of Fueros (Ayutla)
  • Wanted to get rid of a lot of church rights (Ayutla)
  • Brought in French (consequence)
  • Mexico’s biggest weakness is that it cannot resolve its polarize politics
  • How was it a liberal victory? I don’t know, obviously I must have been dazed at this point. 
  • This is all I got.

5. Describe the Civil War of Reform and french role in it. What were Napoleon III’s larger ambitions? Was Maximillian a victim, pawn, or enemy of the state? What were the consequences of liberal victory in the war of reform?

  • Taking advantage of U.S. preoccupation (?)
  • all three? Had someone argue that in class and the last 10 minutes ended in debate. 
  • No further answers. Although arguably maxi was a pawn because his only power drew from the army napoleon gave him. Without the army, when the French withdrew it- Maxi was left as scapegoat, tried for tyranny, and killed. 
  • I have no idea what Napoleon III plans were, probably to take over the world.

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