Interview 3 Detailed Notes (part II)

Airlines are able to * buy/sell/lease plane


  • Seats can depend on airplane.
  • Some have more some have less seats because of the way the airline places seating.
  • Seeing a lot of incomprehensible scribbles, planes small to large average between 150 more than 300 (that’s the largest they have) Mostly up 100s – mid 200s –Seat wise.


  • Passenger: Ceiling 6’1’’
  • Cargo Ceiling: Another 6 foot.
  • Planes can be built either way cargo or passenger depending on how the company orders.

Airbus VS Boeing

  • Similarity: all similar
  • Distinctive thing: Joystick vs Yoke
  • Airbus cockpit, doesn’t have yoke
  • Boeing: Yoke
  • Joystick: 1 captain left hand        first officer right hand 2
  • Joystick like military airplane
  • Control Column: Yoke
  • Yoke controls direction, up, down, left, right

Cock Pit: 

  • where pilots sit
  • fly airplane
  • drink coffee
  • yell at flight attendants
  • two person
  • captain
  • first officer

Back Panel (of cockpit) (Is map on back panel?)

Circuit Breaker – Electrics

Map (Do all of these fall under map category?)

  • Shows route
  • Shows other information
  • Attitude Direction Indicator
  • Air Speed Indicator
  • Vertical Indicator
  • Thrust Levels- Engines



  1. Transponder Change Frequency
  2. Radar Control (ATC)

Top of Pedestal (what is pedestal?)

  • computer management box

¨     Programs airplanes

¨     fuel

¨     winds

¨     route

Center Front: (Pedestal or Panel?)

  • Engine Instruments (usually)
  • 2 Engines, 2 sets
  • 4 Engines, 4 sets

“Glare Shield”   (do these fall under this category? IS this a category?)

  • autopilot stuff
  • Input altitudes and radials for navigation,
  • windows,
  • overhead,
  • hydraulics.

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