Interview 3 Detailed Notes Part I

Interview 3: Detailed Notes


Different planes, different sizes: to compete in different markets and for cost.

Ex. Dulles to Los Angeles, smaller airplane doesn’t have-


Business jets smaller jets

  • Higher execs that fly
  • Small
  • Fast
  • In and out small airport
  • Travel just as fast as big planes
  • Costly


Newer Air Planes-

  • immensely more efficient
  • Efficient
  • Better fuel mileage


Cost of fuel going up, if cost of fuel can be reduced: Save Millions.

Planes all before 787

7×7, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777 (Including Series**double check**)

  • Pressurization – taps off engine
  • Air Conditioning –taps off engine
  • Heating –taps of engine
  • Tapping air and heat = not good gas mileage.
  • Mostly Aluminum, metal, some parts composite. (Would say mostly metal**?)
  • Heavier


  • Size (Twin engine/four engine?)
  • Burns a lot less fuel
  • Double Decker
  • Air conditioning – self containing system
  • Pressurization –self containing system
  •  Heating –self containing system
  • All Compost
  • Lighter

*Self-containing systems take less from Engine.

Weigh determines how much fuel (fuel to destination, alternate, and one hour after.)

787 is first airplane mate of compost material, Fiber Glass: heat and fuse in mold, put sections together.


Market Reasons: # of people going point A to point B (Clarify)

Airbus (plane manufacture beside Boeing… which is better? Which do pilots prefer? Do pilots get a choice entering in?)

*Follows same manufacture sequence at Boeing

  • 300- Earliest
  • 319
  • 320
  • 330-big twin engine
  • 340-smaller four engine
  • 350
  • 380- double Decker, huge two engine

Boeing Information, Manufactuering dates

  • 7×7- Late 50s
  • 737 -1963/1964, still making 737’s today, different version “series”
  • 737- first series 200, then 300s (112 people) now up to 737 900- Looks te same, bigger, carries around 145 people
  • 727 WAS bigger, but Boeing doesn’t make those anymore.
  • 727 was bigger than 737 200 & 300 but 737 800 & 900 are bigger as far as passenger (do all the series inbetween these exist, I notice some numbers are skipped, like in airbus) But see 727 had bigger wingspan than 737.
  • When informant flew for United first plane he was on was 737 300.
  • 747 100 & 200 series with Flying Tigers. 

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