Global Environment Notes “I don’t know…. is that a weak gas? I think so. There are a lot of those”

This is the email I received yesterday:

Hello Sarah; I’m Michael from your Geo 101, just letting you know you are in our debate group! YAY, how lucky, I know. Our topic is Alternative, Renewable Energy, and we are to convince an argument FOR/PRO alternative fuel researching; replacing, (from what I’ve gathered anyway..). Fortunately, we are the 2nd to last group presenting (think it’s late April…), so we have time for clarifying and completing. Included in our group is Joe and Bryce from class. Look forward to meeting and working w/you guys.

Well doesn’t he just sound like a well educated chap. Alternative Fuel Researching. Prime.

Who the fuck would know anything about that?

Notes from Today

  • Climate and Human Impacts
  • Global Atmospheric Changes
  • Co2 is Critical: its 0.038% of the atmosphere
  • Levels are rapidly rising due to industrial activities.
  • Photosynthesis Plant Uptake (stores Co2 in terms of BioMass)
  • Co2 is GreenHouse Gas: also is Methane, CFCS, Water Vapor
  • Short Wave Radiation coming in
  • Long Wave Radiation going out
  • Co2 like blanket lays in atmosphere trapping more and more radiation from going out.
  • I have such a bad fucking attitude toward this class. No disrespect, but its a fucking joke.
  • Global Photosynthesis be all like Industrial Activity oooooh burning Fossil Fuels.
  • Actually it is.
  • Scientific Consensus: Human activity is largely responsible for current climate change.
  • Nobody say no shit. Please. I’m sure these bozo’s are used to people not taking them seriously.
  • Trends are not just background changes because the climate is always changes and these times are hard times because the weather is not following the super accurate historical weather trends from the past.
  • OH SHIT APOCALYPSE. Stupid humans you should have taken better care of the planet.
  • This class wasn’t build for pessimists. All the pretty girls go, oh but its not to late, let’s change! We can change the world if everyone would just care! And I sit in the back seething you are all dead, its too late, we’re all going to die anyway.
  • -5 points participation.
  • By the way: Counter Radiation & Stabilization Levels.

Exam March 13, that means, get quizzes the fuck done at get 80’s on them. Employ Magic.


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