Micro Culture of Pilots: Interview 3 Journal- March 1, 2014

Hello. yes, this is Student Ethnographer reporting on Interview 3 with informant. Feeling a little like that guy from Avatar and his video recordings on Pandora when he first gets there. Like do I really have to do this? Anyway, interview went well. So much information this time, always too much information, every time. What is important. What is not. What is relevant. What is not. What is a joke. What is not. Did I get that. Did I understand that right. Did I forget to ask something. Could I have asked that a different way. Is that all. –all these questions and more. I’m ready to throw away all I have and start over but I can’t. I am realizing I will have to transcribe every interview if I can possibly find the time. Now I am getting concrete information that I want to expand on. Starting to differentiate what taxonomies will work, and which ones are dead ends. My mind is just blown to pieces right now… I am going to expand on Seniority and explain how that works.  I remember in the first interview I was jumping at any and all information. I think I need to sit back and let the conversation flow as naturally as possible and take my time. I get very feverish thinking I will miss a good piece of information but patience is key and I don’t really get that but that’s what wise people say so I guess I’ll listen to that. Its only the third interview, there are many to go. Well I don’t know how many are their total, six? That’s not a lot I thought there was nineteen or something. Could I imagine doing this on a larger scale, with strangers, in and unfamiliar environment? No. Kudos to whoever does. 


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