1/4 Way There

S: Okay here we go

T: What’s wrong

S: Nothing- I just- I don’t like this.

T: (Incomprehensible )

S: Pause, Pause, Pause, Shuffling

T: Pause, Pause, Pause, waiting

T: I’m ready.

S: Allright. Shuffle, shuffle

S: Okay thank you again, for participating.

S: Um…..I guess do have any questions before I start the first question…

T: Not that I can think of.

S: Okay. Pause.

S: So you mentioned that United Airlines is a major airline, are there any other kinds of airlines, and could you describe-wait, yes, could you describe any other kinds of airlines, that’s what I’m asking. 

T: Well. …yes, there are.. uh commuter airlines, regional, airlines- is what they call them.

T: Like uh, like a Delta, or a United, or an American airlines, which, which are major airlines- that go, they fly in the United States but they also fly all over the world. So they classify as a major airline.

T: A regional airline would be, they fly more, they fly in the United States. They fly within the region. And nowadays, all the regional airlines are connected to major airlines through, uh, code sharing, so-

S: What’s code sharing?

T: They- when somebody buys a ticket, to fly from, an example, (well that’s not any example), one example would be, uh..if somebody bought a ticket on United Airlines, to South America- then went to Miami…they would probably fly a United Express Jet- a regional jet- to Miami, and then they would get on a United Airlines, big airplane, and fly to South America.

S: Okay,

T: -So you get the express, United Express- it’s a completely separate airline, but they share, uh, the tickets…through…some sort of agreement, in the airlines. They share, uh- the cost of the ticket- uh, that’s kind of uh- let’s see so-

T: Regional Airline is one airline, uh you also have a cargo airline, that’s why its cargo only.

S: Okay… wull, so wu’ll we have Major Airlines, Commuter Airlines, Regional Airlines and Cargo airlines, right?

T: Ah, uh- yes, fly cargo and with in that classification, Fed Ex and UPS, fall into that classification. They are cargo airlines. They are a small package airline, ah, well, before United, I, was flying Flying Tigers, and that was a, cargo airline.  Big Cargo. We could ship uh, cars. Boats.  Nightly, we could ship race-horses. From England to Australia.

S: Howwwould…you ship a- a live animal?

T: Its ah…it was uh the 747 and I actually did this, they put 98 stalls in the air plane and they had veterinarians and people that tended to the horses, and the horses were tied up in stalls when we would fly. 16 hours. Uh, that’s an example of a cargo airline.

S: Okayy…are their any other examples of cargo alr- airlines.

T: Well. Fed Ex & UPS are the biggest, there are others-.

S: Okay so those are actual airlines, like on the same page as Flying Tigers.

T: Yeah, it’s a cargo airline…..(something, something…) small packages.

So you have Major Airlines, Regional Airlines, Commuter Airlines,  you have uh, uh, cargo Airline, um, you also have uh, charter services, which some are  big enough to be considered an airline. A charter airline would be  some private person would call up and they would wanna fly from point A to point B. Ah, of course, its pretty expensive   uh but that’s, a charter, charter airlines are usually smaller airplanes, maybe uh, a 12 person airplane at the max of course there are bigger airplanes but that’s another type of an airline.

S: Okay

T: uh.. so that’s about the major classifications.

S: Personal pilot? I don’t know if this falls into it- but, whenever, do you remember in 12th grade when I, or mayne 11th actually, we did those, at school we had to do these, ….they were job things and I did two I went to a bakery to learn what baker’s did n I went to a small flying …. Small airport and learned what pilots’ did and this one guy flew charter I think he said it was charter, he said he flew for somebody, this one guy he flew him everywhere.

T: He was a corporate pilot-

S: Okay

T: That’s another classification. Small jets, they carry anywhere from 4 to 12 people, corporate jet, and its corporations, big corporations, own this jet and these own these or they hire these pilots so the big execs of these corporations fly somewhere for business and its corporate pilots fly them of course they stay with the airplane. That’s a corporate pilot.

S: Okay.

T: Unlike a major airline are a regional or a commuter airline, those are all scheduled flights,

S: Th- this depends on the executives schedule?

T: On the corporate airline, yes.  When the executives want to go to Cancun for a week for vacation, the corporate pilots’ go with them, but they are not home very much. …..

S: Okay.

S: So I have commuter, major, regional, the regional can be connected to the major airline by code-sharing, charter services and corporate pilot.

T: Cargo

S: And Cargo.


S: Okay..

T: All the airlines are code sharing. All give you an example: I don’t know if this is part of the interview today or not but let me give you an example, Mom flew to Italy.

S: m hm

T: I bought a ticket on Delta airlines. On Delta website, on Delta airlines I bought the ticket , from Dulles to Rom, for Kristine & Mom. They didn’t fly on Delta airlines. They flew on Air France and they flew on El Italia. When they came back, they flew on Air Italia to KLM, all these airlines are sharing- seats, is what they’re sharing.  Its they’re sharing their seats.

T: So Delta gets a little bit of money, uh, well I should say El Italia and Air France gets money, from Delta for hauling Kristine and mom. Its kinds confus-

S: Yeaah, I’m confused. Delta doesn’t….own Air France…and Air France doesn’t own Delta. So how can, how are they able to do that.

T: It actually, its something, they have something set up that they’ll get so much money… from, from Delta because they…

T: It benefits, see Delta doesn’t have to have-

T: Delta doesn’t actually have to have an airplane that flies to Rome, they can put ‘em on Air France

S: Will Delta find a seat fer the, the people who buy a ticket for Air France is that something Delta has to do….?

T: They do….(laugh)

T: I prob- I probably shouldn’t have even started this conversation.

S: That’s okay

T: But. Uh its part of this code share that’s really confusing. I’ll guess, I guess what I was just saying was

Nowadays you can buy a ticket on an Airline and not necessarily fly on that airline.

S: Okay

T: Through agreements, that each airline makes with each other. They’re getting paid, everybody’s getting paid, they’re not necessarily flying without …(murmur) .

S: Okay what does that allow, does that allow for more flight, er- what does that allow for?

T: That allow an airline, not to have, so many airplanes and yet get money, from tickets… uh, it just it allows them not have the cost of the airplane or the pilot to fly it if they could get a little bit of money for uh, from the passengers. Its uh, its very difficult to explain and it’s a can of worms, really.

T: Most of the times when you buy a ticket on United or Dulles you are flying on Delta or United Airlines.

S: Okay, how many, do know how many planes about Delt- er, United owns?

T: uh, United owns, ….they cut back so much, I think they’re actually down to about 155.

S: Is there a place, or an airport where …United planes are centralized.

T: There are- that’s a good question- an their called bases. And United- all the major airlines have more than one base. United’s Major bases, are: Washington Dulles, Chicago, Houston Texas, San-Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver. And uh, well now that they’re merging with continental its, Newark, and Guam.

S: Okay.

T: And the base is where the Pilot’s are based.

S: So there’s gonna be a lot of United Pilot’s that are at each of these places. More than. Others. …I guess.

T: Yea- er, a base is where like, my, my, I’m based, in Washington. When I go to work, I fly out of Dulles and I end up in Dulles, that is my base.


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