Long Black Song: Organizing thoughts for Analysis & Argumentative Paper

Believe it will be easier to start with opposing perspective, unless I can keep myself 100% objective throughout the paper, which I can’t, since I learn toward her innocence. I’m not portraying the girl from the movie, yes she was the seductress, no she’s not the girl from the book. But the director’s used that so well to make her appear guilty, that quote from the beginning that goes: “Loneliness ached inside her…” So loneliness drove her, they insinuate, (hate that word) I would hate to adopt a mysognist view point but I just might, to get this paper done. Provides an easy enough argument. By playing on and into her “desires” (sexuality, lust, helplessness)- I’ll create argument from that perspective. In the movie they gave her no mind, made her a child tripping and falling over every step she took and I will make the audience believe that, regardless of what I think. God know, I think this woman, fictional or not, is innocent. To ignorantly argue my point I will look at directly – literally- the graphophone box- the guilder edges- the crying baby, the need for rest- what is the white man really offering her, in her eyes this time, not his. I believe that’s what I convince the reader to see. The need for rest- that Silas left, that Tom faraway in her memory- that hole that was never filled- how long was each man gone for? The welcoming of company, the resistance at first- but should I argue one complete point then the other? Or back and forth for the whole paper? Debate. hmm… At first my mind could warp it into a game, of course, it will anyway. I could give fake interpretations. A push and pull of temptation, wrong vs. right,  real vs. imaginary, mind over matter, reason, infatuation, purpose, ambiguous. This is manipulating her to walk with the shadow of guilt. Look she didn’t fight back, look she never asked him to leave. At the well, she never ran, when did she say no? I’ve never been a good arguer, this paper presents challenges. Torn.

Others to keep in mind, general foundation basic question, or shit to ignore:

  • General Topic
  • Main Issue
  • Conclusion Reached
  • What reason does the Author give
  • Based on Fact
  • Based on Theory
  • Based on Faith
  • etc.
  • Word content: Emotional
  • Word content: Neutral
  • Beware of the reason(s) why you do your do not accept the author’s argument.

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