Latin American History Research Paper: What to Know Before Starting

April 1 rough draft due, conclusion and introduction do not have to be included. Mainly body and sample of foot notes.

Graded by Quality Research and Presentation of Research. Start with the most important part the Thesis. What are you arguing. The thesis is so important. Its the foundation for the argument. Its base. Its the whole paper. Write it in 3rd person, make sure its really depersonalized, this is not about opinion. Chicago Style. Get down those end notes and foot notes. Check out Journals at JStore- good source for research. Also could get into Archives and get into a primary source. Not required but will strengthen argument to have a source written during the period of time I’m researching. 

Intervening Text: Refer back

Ibid means look above and see. if its the source you really want to refer to, if its not, use intervening text. 

How to go about this: 

  1. Thesis
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion
  4. Introduction
  • Read and examine work ind. wrote. (whatever ind. means)
  • Author: who/what/when/why
  • Research the area & topic he discusses
  • Examine critique of work: and enter Jstore articles again 

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