Latin American History Discussion Questions 4 & 5: Test Material/Notes Mexican American War

4.) In context of Mexico’s policy challenges & conflicts- what were the causes, developments & consequences of the Mexican American War. “Republics never go to war with each other.” Michael Doyle, Political Scientist, written 1980s-90s. 

How would you define a republic- selected electorates make laws based on representatives… -did I get that right?

In what way was Mexico Republic? 1. State Legislatures- send delegates, vote for president, how is it constructed: adopted from U.S. 

U.S. legislature structured/built/ nature: Bi-caramel : two house system, House of Representatives/Senate

Mexico: Senate/House of Deputies (like representatives, borrowed from French) Constitution of 1824

Two republics, borrowed from each other, basically the same. 

Santa Anna came back, kept overthrowing ———–

Santa Anna not able to impose his will, because he couldn’t, over the legislature

* Senate has power to firm & deny treaties* Why Santa Anna couldn’t pass what he wanted to, it got denied by senate

Tejas Crisis- Annexation Texas- Lone star State  One particular issue: Disputed border

Rio De Grande river as border literally doubled Tejas. Mexico wanted —– border. Texans wanted Rio de Grande.

Border as spark, manifest destiny larger picture, Polk…his policy? something… slavery? He was an aggressive southern democrat.

Mexico lost Texas, lost California. Liberals supported the Tejas. Conservatives took no shape in it.

Siete Leyes was a rapid conservative movement and I know who created that, Santa Anna did.

5.) Examine the General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Does his governance point to Liberal or Conservative.

His mindset points to conservative. His background: Santa Anna is royalist general, opportunist. 

Tendency to support liberals, let them carry the water for him. Always wanting to protect his reputation.

Conservatives were getting what they wanted, a centralized government. Santa Anna governs as conservative from here on out. 


Other Important Notes: Napolean was the spark for every revolution in Latin America. 

Pastry War: Brief war with King Louie Philip with France, issue of paying back import/export duty. Harassing French Subject. French invade based on Pastry Man’s behalf. Mexico Wins. 

Santa Anna: Who/What/Why -talk about how he crushed the Tejas crisis. Crushed. Pushed. The murders at Alamo. Solved problem Mexico’s problem of what to do with Texas, Constructed centralized government of Mexico.

What is a Caudillo. Is Santa Anna a Caudillo (Republics always breed these people) They tend to be populist leaders, give out jobs through patronage, does he surround himself with supporters…?

Plan of Iguala:     

  • Independence whole purpose of it
  • end of all caste system, slavery
  • having a monarch- look to Europe but a Mexican one would be just as great and Iturbide becomes Mexico’s 1st Monarch- meant to solve 10-11 year war. This brought that to and end Conservative vs. Liberal 
  • Conservative disillusion to what was going on in Spain.
  • Context: Less of Revolution more of Civil War
  • Type of damage being done: Immense 




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