Journal Entry: Interview 2

Just completed interview 2 with informant, which if not mentioned before is my father- its weird because this adds an informal aspect to the interview which makes it more comfortable but obvious real field work will be nothing like this, I mean and the end of the interview I’m like Love you Dad, Byeeee. So yeah, there’s that. Overall another good interview! That’s the other part, interviews will not be this easy in real field work. Dad is really willingly to help, provides thoughtful answers to each and every question and he provides examples. My mood improved considerably through the course of this interview. I really was not motivated at all and found staying on track difficult. I go confused with, is that relevant? See I’m very curious so I have all this questions that could possibly lead me off into tangent after tangent and get no real structure response, which was the goal of this interview. I felt that was achieved as I got many different possible taxonomies and was able to rule a few out. Questions for next time will include emergencies on the airplane and what is a runway. My notion of a jetway was completely wrong. Glad I asked that question. Battery is dying on computer. Gotta go- 


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