Journal Entry for the First Ethnographic Methods Interview on Pilot Micro-Culture

Journal Entry. Interview 1:

The interview went well- better than I expected. The biggest change I see would be to type this journal directly after the interview, not two days after. Thoughts are not fresh anymore, feelings are muted. Was nervous about getting enough length in interview. Nervous about informant not answering questions thoroughly. Recorder picked up background noise. I was nervous. Almost forgot to take field notes.  Informant was maybe nervous, unsure of what exactly I was asking. Wasn’t sure what to expect.

 Informant responded extremely well.  We got through two questions, the second being a grand tour question. Numerous amount folk terms. Plenty of information to expand on for next interview. Spoke chronologically. Good idea to have extra pen on hand. Couldn’t locate my notes in the beginning. Wasn’t sure how to close the interview, should have thanked again. Informant gave very good overall general view of micro-culture- when he had something personal to add in he always state- personally, this is what I do…but other people do this…and so on. Looking forward to next interview. 


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