We’re Navajo we’re not gonna do that Souix Stuff: Ethnographic Method Notes

  • Grand tour questions
  • Attribute Questions
  • Lead in Questions
  • Folk Term- Insiders Language
  • Never introduce something they didn’t already tell you.
  • Don’t ask Why
  • Don’t ask Feeling questions
  • Are two of these more alike than the other one? Will get into, will take you into cultural detail.
  • This is an Ethnography of the micro-culture….
  • Tell me about being a Pilot.
  • Tell me about what you do at work
  • Take me through a typical work week from the time you leave to the time you get back home.
  • Introduce any category, term, to go back to later to ask mini-tour questions. (once they’ve been said.)
  • I’m interested in anything you can tell me……avoids inclination to bad leading question.
  • I apologize but I have to start this way…(personally, I think I can do better than that, but if things get that uncomfortable, yeah, it’ll work.)
  • Example: Gee, tell me about setting up your business in the Soviet Union
  • Inside person who you Interview: Informant
  • Important to be sensitive to cultural relativism: Insider’s views
  • Next Class I will have 1st Interview, Transcribed, Recorded, Folk terms Identified, Field notes, and detailed notes taken, Writing Assignment re-written if possible. 
  • Ethnographer will be finding ideal culture but there is also real culture- its not that your informant is lying to you. They are saying, “Ideally, this is how things work.” But as we know, there are exceptions to the rules. Maybe you’ll learn some, maybe you won’t.
  • (Check bottom page 38 for descriptive questions)
  • Rapport?
  • All folk terms must be highlighted, typically a transcribed interview will be 15-20 pages. 
  • The final report by the end of the semester will be no less than 30 pages. 
  • Get some great direct quotes, keep field notes, There are 4 parts to this: 1.Quick notes, my scribbles, 2.Detailed, prepared notes, 3. Journal, what was uncovered, atmosphere, feelings, informant…she seemed tired etc. About one paragraph- include the interviewing process…what changes and develops over time. 4. Analysis, will be more defined later-this is taxonomies, main cultural categories, folk, structure. 
  • Other students Micro-cultures: Littles, physical therapist, library research culture, underground rap, physician’s assistant, sorority, barber, karaoke, female hunter, tattoo artist, long boarding, pow wows, electronic music/rave, children’s attorney, barista, Deb who I  am unsure of and Pilot. 

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