Global Environment: Population Dynamics

  • Population Ecology: study’s populations’ responses to environment.
  • How Enviromental pressures affect growth.
  • Copetition for food, resources, predation, disease etc.
  • Two Factors- Birth Rate (b)= number per 1000 people/yr
  • Death rate (d)= number per 1000 people/yr 
  • Growth rate (r): rate of change of population size (natural increase)
  • r=b-d
  • Growing r>0 (d<b)
  • Shrinking r<0 (d>b)
  • Stable r=0 (d=b) No Change
  • Growth rate is also affected by dispersal: Immigration, Emigration (i,e)
  • r= (b-d) + (i-e)
  • Exponential Growth
  • Carrying Capacity (k)
  • Environmental degradation lowers carrying capacity. 
  • Many experts say we have already surpassed carrying capacity
  • Many experts say we have not.
  • Wow What the Fuck
  • Global TFR 2.6, Global RFR 2.1
  • Demographic transitions: Pre-industrial, Transitional, Industrial, Postindustrial.
  • Demographic of Countries.
  • Highly Developed Countries:  Low birth rates, low infant mortality rates, longer life, highest per capita GNI PPP
  • Gross National Income Purchasing Power Parody
  • Moderately Developed Countries: Higher birth rate and higher infant mortality rate, medium industrialization, lower GNI PPP
  • Less Developed Countries: Shortest life expectancy, highest birth rate, highest infant mortality.
  • What would you do to help stabilize the world population? Kill yourself, although with 6 Billion and counting would that really affect overall growth rate at all?
  • Single most important factor affecting high TFRS in many society is the low status of women- marriage being only option to achieve social status and economic security. 
  • Well we can always count on the next plague.
  • I don’t know what every one is so fucking worried about. 

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